Innovative Bluetooth Speakers Hk: Bring Home High World Of Music


Doma offers you cute Mini Mushroom Bluetooth 3W Wireless Speaker, which has built-in rechargeable battery that provides 2-3 hours of playback time on a single charge through USB with features  of  Built-in Mic for Hand Free Function, Volume and Song Control Buttons Phone Stand Function and an unique Deluxe Gift Box Package.

You can gift number of items for competitive price from Doma’s pioneering Online Gift Shop Hk.  If you like to gift something new with groundbreaking features and attractive looks there is Mini Touch LED Clock bearing many facilities like Calendar Function, Triple Alarm Setting, Three Display Setting, Power Saving Mode and Temperature Display compact looks with Touch Wooden Design. It is powered by 4 AAA Battery or by USB Cable available in Silver Colour with Blue Light and Black Colour with White Light. You will be mesmerized and will not try again for looking anywhere else except DOMA.

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There is everything available on the site of DOMA Gift Shop HK from table touch Lamp to Rechargeable Fan, Bluetooth speaker to Karaoke Player, Power plus to wireless charging pad with a difference what is available in market. The list is still not exhausted but completes with innovative USB KEY to Waterproof Speaker, Bluetooth Speakers Hk, Selfie stick to Digital clock. Make your life easier with the enhance lifestyle to make your life easier with those lucrative items. You can easily accommodate these items at home and very easy to use so try it now and enjoy your life with the technological advancement.