Unique Gifts HK: It is Time To Adore Your Loved Ones


Our modern day daily life is now increasingly involving us into the maximum use of latest, innovative and mostly functional technologies so as to our life become awesome. DOMA sensed that crave of the rapidly changing lifestyle and therefore introduced many items in the market with ground breaking technologies those are truly functional as well as awesome. You can purchase those items from DOMA who is one Unique Gifts HK online retailer. Either visit their shop directly or choose your items from the online retail shop DOMA.

All it is about the Phone Chargers HK, DOMA is offering you variety of such charger those are the best and reliable ones. You don’t have to bear any extra or hefty cost to purchase these Phone Chargers. The Power Plus available with rechargeable battery of 10,000 mAh. There are Power Mini Chargers which you can carry anywhere you want to travel is now available in 6 brilliant colours. You can easily gift this to any of your nearest or dearest one.

Compact with features, those mini chargers with Compact Mini Power Banks are available with variations of Colourful Rubber Finish, LED Indicator for Power Level, Built in Torch, Product Dimensions: 7 x 3.5 x 2cm and Mini Gift Package with 3000mAh Battery Capacity.

There is also available a Power Air and no cables are needed to connect it because it is a Full Wireless Power Bank with in built 4,000mAh Battery Capacity, Smart Design With Touch Button. The product Dimensions is of 10 x 7 x 1.5cm. A Special feature of this one it charges Qi enabled devices wirelessly. It has LED Indicator for Power Level with Deluxe Gift Package.

DOMA is the ultimate site for you if you are looking for Bluetooth Headphones HK, now with trendy Headphones you can modulate the system to get a crystal clear sound with number of other models built there with more innovative ideas to surprise you beyond your past experience.